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Title: Ligier exhaust wanted
Post by: burford57 on October 18, 2006, 07:56:46 AM
Hi everyone

I've just bought a Ligier JS4 through  The car is still
in France and is being stored by a friend until I can think of
an excuse to go and fetch it.

It is nearly complete and is apparently a runner.  The only
things missing are the door mirrors and the exhaust.  As the
engine is the 49cc Mobylette unit I assumed that an exhaust
from a moped would fit but I'm told that this is not necessarily
the case.

Does anyone know where I can obtain an exhaust please?  If
the worst came to the worst I could have something made up
but I'd like to try to source the right part before I get the spanners
and pipe benders out!

With a bit of luck it'll be at Jean's next Open Day.

Nick D.