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Title: Banned words
Post by: Big Al on November 24, 2010, 09:47:54 AM
I am confussed. What words are 'banned'. I set this question alone so as not to disrupt the flow of threads.

I am happy to avoid these words if it really creates unease for folks on this forum so as to be able to communicate ----- However I take the view that all language is legitimate, even the dreaded N word if it is in context. I do not subscribed to victim culture myself. I have been fat all my life and I might not like being called fat etc. but it is a fact of life. I have been bullied, taunted and abused over it. The answer is deal with it, running away does not help. Banning words is a way of running away. Victim culture is just one of many strands of nonesense that has created the very situation we are in socioeconomically.  Creating a 'right' that does not exist is actually to abuse the society we live in at the expense of the freedom of everyone else. Rabid Muslims to ginger jokes. Nobody ever said life was fair.
Title: Re: Banned words
Post by: Bob Purton on November 24, 2010, 03:37:03 PM
Hi Al. I was confused too after Dickies last post, it seemed to suggest that non PC things had come up again but all that had followed was a few posts about toy cars. This is a forum that doesnt really have any rules but trusts in the contributors common sense and decency. Obviously swearing is offensive to some including myself and Jean who are the moderators. Some folk cant string a sentence together without expletives and that kind of thing will be removed. Members have to be commended though because very little content has had to be removed since I have been moderating anyway. Even when something none PC comes up its usually nipped in the bud and people have had the good sense not to make more of it than is necessary. Keep it up girls and boys!
Title: Re: Banned words
Post by: Big Al on November 24, 2010, 06:13:07 PM
I could be guilty myself but one attempts to moderate the topics and language to the society you are talking too. This forum is reasonably open and normally a pretty intelligent group but does have folk who apply prior standards of interaction by privilege of age or background so I hope I do not go to far to often. There are a couple of topics we agreed I leave alone and that's fine by me. Still I will avoid several words here on in unless appropriate in relation to IC etc. I am not the only one slightly mystified though as we had coms off site about it.