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Title: British National Rally
Post by: Big Al on December 05, 2012, 01:30:55 PM
I have just seen Microscotic which records that the recent meeting of the NMRC yielded no firm offer/bids, not sure what is the correct term, to organize the 2012 event. Perhaps this is old news, but it is unfortunate if true.

Cannot think of a constructive suggestion as there is no chance of my involvement, nor the MEC, next year.  I have to move and build a suite of supporting buildings to the old bungalow I am buying, before rebuilding the bungalow itself! Only way I can afford a petrol heads property round here. The MEC has new access and initiatives to supply spares parts but desperately needs several new committee members to restore the clubs team to be able to run efficiently, even if it is a reshuffle of some existing staff into the more time consuming positions.

On a brighter note there is an idea to frequent the Cotswold Wildlife Park the following year, for the anniversary of the NMR. Not new news, as it was mooted well before the NMRC meeting, and I responded with some background info at the time. A 'watch this space' unless committing to organize I guess.