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Title: A car that Big Al might remember ?
Post by: NickPoll on January 23, 2013, 10:14:51 AM
Here's one for Alan.
I bought our son Daniel a classic car the other day, a 1975 Alfa Romeo 1300 GT Junior.  I remember years ago you had one. At that time I had a Ford Capri 1600. We went somewhere in the Alfa and you let me drive. I always remember it was a great little car, so when I saw one for sale locally recently I jumped at the chance. As it's been in the Gers part of France all it's life, so these is zero rust, unlike most Italien cars.    Nick.
Title: Re: A car that Big Al might remember ?
Post by: marcus on January 23, 2013, 12:42:37 PM
Nice car!
Title: Re: A car that Big Al might remember ?
Post by: Jonathan Poll on January 23, 2013, 01:16:42 PM
I know, it;s great!

We we're a bit dissapointed when we got it though. When we first found it, there were loads of old bread baguettes in the boot. They took them all away when we got it  ;D

When we first got it home, as normal, first thing you do is try and start it... Put a battery on, etc,... turn the key. Engine turns, sparks, but fuel isnt going through, so we tried WD40 in the plugholes. It fired once.

My dad removed the air filter and said "why don't you spray in the carbs while I turn the engine?", so that's what I done. Got it running, about 20 seconds, hoping it would draw fuel in from the fuel line. No, the engine decided to backfire, and the carbs were on fire! Nothing bad, my dad put it out (my brother was just about to pour a bucket of water in the carbs!!!)

At least now it seems to run quite well! And its fast!
Title: Re: A car that Big Al might remember ?
Post by: Big Al on January 23, 2013, 01:40:48 PM
Perhaps the most fun car I ever owned, unless it is a Bullnosed Saab. It spate out Fords for a pastime, The engine was a delight and despite falling apart round me I loved every minute of it. Even the time it decided to apply the brakes itself as I overtook a guy on the A420 leaving me stuck on the wrong side of the road. Turned out the master cylinder arm, shoved under the floor so it could corrode, had seized on a bit heating up the four discs until expansion became self perpetuating through friction. Took about 15 minutes before the bugger would move and I had collected several police cars, several crash tenders and a crowd of helpers. Armed with Finchy's best girt hammer I fixed it and drove home followed by Plod who was really very nice about it, as it was an Alfa. That is what Alfas are. Petrol headed ticket to drama. Your not a real classic car nut till you have had one. There is a 2lt twin cam Alfa in my garden.

These cars are pigging expensive now, especially if it is the early upright indicator type. Indeed I cannot recall if they made the later type or if it was dropped in favour of the 1600 GT Junior. Forget all the other rubbish you have. That is a real car! Only just piped by the Duetto, do not like the other Kam tailed Spiders, not as pretty or balanced. The Gulia body is better for outright performance though.

Get the carbs sorted and you will find this actually offers economy or speed, unlike the bigger models which are a bit of a fuel leak. Engine is strong but the gearbox should always be allowed 5 minutes to warm up or it will bite you back. Many are worn out through ill use. I think it jumps out of first and reverse if not right, cannot remember. Lub that daft brake system!

Its winter and I am jelious of a nice car in a better climate and longer days.
Title: Re: A car that Big Al might remember ?
Post by: Barry on January 23, 2013, 01:53:17 PM
My close friend has one.
Gear box is a known issue but his is OK.