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Title: Another 2 for my collection...
Post by: Jonathan Poll on May 02, 2013, 12:59:41 PM
I think my collection is getting out of hand!

The orange one is a Peugeot TSA. It's a "variomatic" type transmission, like many other mopeds, I think it would have been nicer with gears though. Engine was in a box. Its 99% complete, even has the nioce exhaust. This is what it should be like once its built up:

I will change the handlebars and put bracelet ones on just like the photo.

The clue one is a Motobecane AV88. That one will be for sale.

I have started building up a moitor for the orange one (it camer with the original motor, but it had electric ignition which is not oruiginal, and the flywheel was badly bent. Otherwise I would have kept electro ignition!). I have new bearings and oil seals on order. It came with a most of a spare motior in bits, ignition is a bit rusty, but I'll try it anyway.