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Title: 40th Anniversary Burford Run, 21st September 2014
Post by: Big Al on February 01, 2014, 11:05:50 AM
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Title: Re: 40th Anniversary Burford Run, 21st September 2014
Post by: Big Al on April 23, 2014, 08:21:32 AM
It has proved hard to access the sites I needed to hold a meaningful 40th Anniversary Burford Run. It was always going to be a problem to organize this in the way I had hoped in a popular area like the Cotswolds with no great lead time. Also the support has been extremely limited, probably in part due to the ephemeral nature of the event. Also many people seem unenthused to celebrate something they did not take part in originally, having appeared on the scene later. I find that a bit odd, as I would see it as an excuse for getting the car out, rather than leaving in the garage.
Thus I have decided that the bulk of the idea be held over to 2016, when it will be 40 years since the physical run from Nether Westcot to Burford was first made as part of the event. It offers the possibly better notion of including the ideas for the 40th run into a National Rally based on the Cotswolds in that year with a longer run up to access some venues. I will look at options.

Meanwhile I still feel an informal 40th Anniversary run is viable. One that seeks no prior funding from the NMRC and a resulting risk of a loss. As such, I think it less needy to centre entirely on the Cotswold area for camping, opening up an interesting camping option. In addition the event would be ideal for bias on 50cc and other low powered vehicles as it is an area where 20, even 30, gentle miles can be covered without getting on busy A roads. It is the sort of thing Tony would have done and I think this might work quite well as the site should be able to offer quite a lot on site too.
For those who want, a trip over into the Cotswolds can be made, its only about 25 miles, so a run of about 60 miles can take in the celebration element. The smaller cars can either relocate to join in the historic bit or we can meet them on the return leg where I can route them off busy roads on their separate run outwards. 
So, puddle jumpers, interested?
Title: Re: 40th Anniversary Burford Run, 21st September 2014
Post by: Big Al on May 10, 2014, 08:13:25 AM
The news of the Gaydon based Three Wheeler and Microcar Rally effectively ends any thought of a stand alone third Microcar Rally in as many weeks, and in the same rough area as one of the others. Two is company, three a crowd. Also no puddlejumper owners have been in touch, so clearly that idea was stillborn, as perhaps are many puddlejumpers?
What I can offer is a run up to Gaydon from here on Sunday taking in the most of the historic Burford drive, as it is on the direct route to the Fosse. Much the best route up to Gaydon from here and about 50 miles distant. So in effect I can do both Gaydon and the celebratory drive together. Sorted. Camping available at Farmer Gow's, where you can rent a tepee or yert.