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Title: Folding Car
Post by: Barry on August 24, 2014, 07:28:11 AM
Just for interest.
Title: Re: Folding Car
Post by: Big Al on August 24, 2014, 09:17:26 AM
Found that some time ago but it is none the less interesting for that. Another idea that never really caught on but once again the idea of producing cars that could bve got through/passed a row of buildings and round the back. The Inter flirted with this. The Larmar did it, to no great result. So it is a recouring theme taken up by my current toy, the Shopper.
Title: Re: Folding Car
Post by: marcus on August 25, 2014, 08:28:46 AM
Great film. The car seems to be very softly sprung and/or quite flexible, and looks quite top-heavy too, so I would not expect very good handling, but a fine piece of work. 

When I was developing prototypes of one of my inventions at South London Innovation Centre (sadly long gone now) another client there was working on a folding car and an "automatic" trailer.

The trailer was a good idea.lots of wheels of different sizes  meant that you got the front wheels of the towed car onto the spectacles, then as you drove off in the tow vehicle, the towed car was automatically towed up the trailer and into position. It worked fairly well and was shown on BBC's Tomorrow's World.

The folding car had removable body panels and pivoting pantographic framework. The body panels were diamond-shaped and secured the framework in place when they were fitted. It was an interesting idea but clearly too cranky to get any further. In any impact or even under driving torque, the pop-on panels would likely pop off again and any occupants would come up looking like cartoon characters turned, by a heavy blow, into accordions. he never figured the mechanicals either.