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Title: ICs continue to sell well
Post by: Big Al on February 07, 2015, 09:12:58 AM
I can report that but for logistics the remaining stock of Invalid Carriages here have all now sold to new owners who plan to restore them. It took a leap of faith in salvaging some of these cars, and I felt they were not really cheap. However given the challenge, I have diligently stored the cars, and we have found people who agree that these machines are collectable, represent that bit more than other classes of vehicles due to their social history, and above all have the foresight to see that with such a limited supply of vehicles they represent a safe, to good, investment. For our side we have covered all costs and have a couple of collectables we would not otherwise have been able to own. So all parties should be happy.

This has taken just over the year to achieve and really does rather mirror the great Leiger deal that we passed on recently. I think the reality for the buyer of those is likely to mirror the reality of our deal above. They are similarly niche vehicles in much the same quantity. The rough price paid is known, so any attempt to profiteer will be difficult. One could expect a pint and a couple of free vehicles out of it. Time will tell.

Anyway, for IC, cars for sale now return to the odd one here and there. Happy hunting.
Title: Re: ICs continue to sell well
Post by: Big Al on March 23, 2015, 09:43:48 AM
And indeed the odd one or two have popped up for sale recently, as predicted.

Here we, Root and I, had good fun over half a day loading 6 IC onto a standard rigid curtainsider. All the work I had done to free off the brakes paid dividend, as in all cases the cars round the back rolled happily once got out of their winter washed divits. The only car I had not got moving was attended to and gave up the fight pretty quickly. The brake shoes off it rolled along as well as the rest. The load just fitted perfectly on the truck. One car remains to be collected. It is filling up with random found bits as I clear the garage out for tasks.

The buyer, Simon, was very much into, what I think, is the great selling point of these cars as collectables. That is there great story to tell within the social history of our country. They represent a window into the welfare state, and how we look at, and treat, those amongst us who have disability. That this is very pertinent is bought out by the irrational hatred of the genre on this site, complete with offending remarks about those who choose to support IC. We still have not learned better ways, yet looking back things were very much more grim in the past. The freedom of movement offered by these appliances did much to bring the disabled together in an age where they could be isolated by a few hundred yards, or miles. That ability of freedom to roam gave the disabled the ability to meet, discuss, and create pressure to improve their lot. There are a few film clips of IC meetings, where competition was undertaken and the two stroke smoke made seeing the action sometime quite difficult. Indeed it could be early Burford, when we used the cars, tip the Roly and all.

So you might think they are nasty little cars, but much more than any microcar, it can be argued they have had the effect of underwriting a real concious movement, and change, in the nations thinking. Something the Microcar failed to do. The IC stand on merit as a transportation device, as a microcar for the disabled, for me. But they have a value far greater than can be bought as a collectors item. History is on their side now they are rare but cherished.

It sounds very much like Simon might well make this more publicly clear. He has some great ideas and good contacts. This area of motoring is not going to be told to go away quietly, despite the hostility it continually receives. (Very like when I first got my bubblecars, which makes it all the more unforgivable). It just might reassert itself in a stronger position and put the microcars out to grass in the future (The bad karma of the old Classic Car and Bike communities not wanting microcars at shows still lingers now that the microcar is socially acceptable. Will IC feel the same in 20 years time? Don't bask your boring microcars on our backs, after telling us to go away for years. What goes round, comes round).

Certainly from the private mailing that has gone on in the last week, it seems the main IC contingent have had about as much ignorance as they are going to take. Making statements to correct this have not worked previously and for me the picture of Little Britain being posted, and clearly accepted by the majority, since no one else has made a complaint, means our view is a minority. Root has taken it quite well actually. I thought he would be offended enough to go into his shell. He has chosen to ignore it. None of those in contact felt it was worth while even dignifying the thing with a comment, as given the option to retract, the hole was just dug deeper. So you win the the war, but loose the battle.  As, bar one or two, that group who discussed this off forum has been drifting to rarely looking at the forum. This has just moved the interest further away still. Ultimately that is probably irreparable and to the forum's loss.

It will be interesting to see if Root posts links to the various fun clips of massed IC tearing around apple bobbing etc. If he does its more than you deserve.
Title: Re: ICs continue to sell well
Post by: Jim Janecek on March 23, 2015, 02:35:02 PM
well said. 

While I do not intend to own an IC myself, I do enjoy reading about their place in transportation history.
Title: Re: ICs continue to sell well
Post by: Barry on March 23, 2015, 04:49:44 PM
Title: Re: ICs continue to sell well
Post by: richard on March 23, 2015, 05:01:59 PM
I do applogise unreservedly for offence caused and have sent PM 's to that effect . On the subject of Villiers , and the like , powered Invalid Carriages I have never denigrated them in any way . Actually I have a lot of time for them and have not posted negatively on them . By the way Al tip the roly is the highlight of Sunday at Bond Rallies - not all clubs have forgotten what fun is  :)
Title: Re: ICs continue to sell well
Post by: Big Al on March 23, 2015, 05:44:16 PM
Thank you Richard. It is unfortunate your head was the one above the desktops when the chalk was thrown. This is not an isolated incident by one person, but the one that found comment. It is a little like DLT being grouped with the other disgraced. What was acceptable in the 70's, is not now. (I found LB to far over the edge in many cases to be funny. It failed to supply the wit and subtlety to stand with the greats. That it got awards says more about failing society, but it led to my not having a TV. I believe I could do better comedy than LB, I know the BUMS could).
To me, 70's growing up, IC are called s~~z, but that is no longer acceptable either. I still have to check myself when talking about them, as Root knows. I think for me the matter closes, I was reluctant to be the one who had to say something as I am trying not to be negative Norman. I cannot say for others. I fear the wedge is driven by prior sleights.
Title: Re: ICs continue to sell well
Post by: Bob Purton on March 23, 2015, 06:01:29 PM
Is it worth mentioning that the IC section does have two moderators? If anything causes offence it can be removed, that what they are there for.
Title: Re: ICs continue to sell well
Post by: richard on April 03, 2015, 11:53:17 AM
WELL !!! two invalid  carriages , Villiers powered  that several of us were watching / bidding on finished at a whopping £770 . Al and Stuart did warn us  ;)
Title: Re: ICs continue to sell well
Post by: Big Al on April 03, 2015, 02:56:02 PM
Might be by a Bond owner who will collect the mechanicals at the end of the pier, next rally. £385 for a project? Used to be MkG prices. Rarer car though. What should I tip next? Clockwork Ocelots?
Title: Re: ICs continue to sell well
Post by: richard on April 03, 2015, 03:02:43 PM
maybe it was the Scootacar MKI indicators that swu ng the deal ?
Title: Re: ICs continue to sell well
Post by: Smh13 on April 11, 2015, 10:59:36 PM
Hi, I am looking to buy an IC, I saw a great example at the Lakeland Car Museum today.
If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be great. Thank You
Title: Re: ICs continue to sell well
Post by: Big Al on April 12, 2015, 07:51:55 AM
Spondon Museum sale, featured in a thread elsewhere on this very forum offers several. Stuart Cyphus is aware of some private sales. I do not know of any others for sale at this time, but my interest is strictly in small car versions, not powered bath chairs.