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Title: Invalid carriage destruction
Post by: burford57 on April 23, 2007, 04:14:00 PM
I thought that that title would get your attention, Stuart!

My friend Trev and I were at my local scrap yard, Ling Metals in Sandwich, Kent, today, looking for parts for a Renault Megane Coupe that I'm selling.  We left empty-handed but Trev looked round and called me back.  "Didn't you used to have one of those invalid cars?"  I was there like a shot, just in time to see a thug on a fork lift tear the top off an M-registration Model 70 (TPG 440M if you're interested) before throwing it against a modern Euro-box in an outrageous display of wanton disrespect for our motoring heritage.

I went into the slum they call the Office to ask where it had come from.  "Dunno", replied the Fat Bastard on the desk, "I just got back off 'oliday and they was 'ere".  "They?"  I asked incredulously.  "There's annuver be'ind skip" wheezed FB.  The second one had also suffered the depredations of Fork Lift Thug.  There
was minimal bodywork left and the running gear appeared to be badly damaged.

A great shame to witness the destruction of these vehicles but it gives me hope that there are still some out there, tucked away awaiting salvation - unless The
Thug and Fat Bastard get there first, of course!

Amities a tous
Nick D.