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Title: Inter classic Brussel 2016 . microcars under the spotlights ...
Post by: jean-do on November 14, 2016, 07:48:35 AM
this weekend, from november 18 to 20th; the Brussel interclassic show will highlight the microcar's world  .... Dwerg belgian club, with Dries and Patrick  on command will prepare a big best off space show with microcars ...
jacotte and i will be there with french bubblecars  for that big  event
hope you'll find a moment to meet us !
Title: Re: Inter classic Brussel 2016 . microcars under the spotlights ...
Post by: Big Al on November 14, 2016, 08:19:53 AM
Now how much was the NEC? £25.00 on Friday, more at the weekend. Plus £12.00 parking.  My chum attended from Kent and by the time he had travelled, eaten and such he was out £100,00,

I would point out that the InterClassic Brussels is Euro 11.50 to enter. Less than a tenner! Indeed I would not mind betting that my bud could have attended it cheaper than going to the NEC, as he lives next to a direct rail link. The food would be better, too, since our motorway services have franchised catering to the disgusting corporate outlets. Yet these rip off opportunities paled with the on site NEC prices for much the same crap. Food is part of an enjoyable day out, something a lot of people seem content to ignore. Its my experience abroad that they have not., yet. A weekend away would be even more of a value for money deal. Plus Brussels has a bit more to offer than Birmingham as a destination (though there are nuggets to find).

This is precisely why I started going to the autojumbles over there, like Utrecht, Bouwcentrum and such. It helped that there were more bits for my cars, but the access cost was cheaper. Why is this country so incredibly expensive to go to events? Oakley Poke manages to be better than Newark on £2 entrance, and Newark seems about the next best Jumble deal. The car shows are just out of site. Most seem to miss the point that Classic Cars might be attending to increase the pull. prefer to hide in some remote girt shed somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Not good enough.

Sadly I cannot get the time to go to this show. But it sounds like a rather good prospect for those who can access the cheap transport links.
Title: Re: Inter classic Brussel 2016 . microcars under the spotlights ...
Post by: DaveMiller on November 14, 2016, 02:29:39 PM
You seem to base your comments on what YOU would PREFER to pay, Al.

The real world intervenes:  to see whether the show is appropriately priced, we need to look at whether people are prepared to pay the price.  Was it well attended?  Yes.  Would it have been any better an experience if more people went? Hell, no. It was difficult enough to move through the aisles as it was.

Should parking be cheaper?  Well, that might mean fewer free stands given over to clubs (a bad thing), and might make the queues on the motorway even longer (a bad thing).  Half an hour before the show opened on the Friday (not the day when many working people can attend), stationary vehicles were queuing for a whole mile, to get off the M42.

As it happened, I got in free. Would I go if I had to pay?  Yes. (But I'd still take butties!)
Title: Re: Inter classic Brussel 2016 . microcars under the spotlights ...
Post by: ArthurVR on November 14, 2016, 03:20:32 PM
Wow I'm definitely going!
Title: Re: Inter classic Brussel 2016 . microcars under the spotlights ...
Post by: Big Al on November 15, 2016, 08:59:06 AM
It takes at least two views to make a landscape. I can quite accept that loads of folk go, happily pay, etc etc. I will be quite straight out and say the event is to expensive for me to attend, for what it offers me in return. So unless I was called on to show a vehicle to forward overall interest in Microcars, A Dart for instance, I will be content for others to populate it. My bud, attending his first one, now agrees, wishes he had taken my advice, and will not be returning.
The core question I asked is why the huge entrance differential in many British events, to those abroad? Is there more going on, like a State subsidy? I do not know. But just like Beauleau, there are many people who will not go, as there that feel they cannot miss it. Myself v Richard and Mike, for instance, The organising side would probably say 'use it, or loss it'. Rather a good argument, but not always the winning one, if tested.
Note - Just advised elsewhere that Retromobile 2017, entrance is Euro 18. Again substantially cheaper than an equivalent British show. Below a generalised report, so not my words.

Retromobile Paris is arguably the most prestigious classic car show in Europe and is a must see for classic car enthusiasts. With cheap air fares and the show’s close proximity to Orly Airport, a day trip for old car loving Brits is relatively easy.

The show is held at the vast Paris Expo exhibition centre near Porte De Versailles on the Paris inner ring road. Whilst certainly a big show, as it is all in one hall, it felt no bigger than the NEC Classic Car Show, and felt smaller than the big German shows at Stuttgart and Essen. I arrived an hour after the show opened at 11 and was done by 5pm. You would certainly struggle to see either of the two German shows in the same time.

This year Retromobile celebrated its 40th year with an excellent mix of automobilia and autojumble sellers, high-end car dealers, club exhibitors, museums and manufacturers. In common with the German shows, local manufacturers used the event to showcase their heritage collections as well as some of their new cars. PSA put on an excellent show of Peugots and Citroens, and foreign manufacturers represented included Daimler-Benz, Skoda and Porsche. Again, like the German shows the exhibiting car dealers were very high end indeed, with several displaying inventories worth in excess of £10 million. Not something you see at the NEC classic car show!

However the Belgium event looks very well priced for anyone who thought about going. And you know there will be a welcome when you get there, as Micro friends are there doing their thing. The Belgium contingent has supported British events in the past. Jean Do, well what can one say? He is not shy and retiring! So I would imagine rather a good time to be had.

It might be interesting for car show fanciers to check this event out to see how other folk do it. For it might be like the Vetarama, Mannheim, you find the foreign event bigger and so much better organised than Beaulieu - who continue to claim title to be Europe’s biggest Autojumble. Tosh. Sadly I have not been to an InterClassic, so I cannot speak from experience. But I have been to a number of Essan, Antwerp, Retromobile, Paris and so on. Very educational, cars you never even see here. Some of the stand presentations are fantastic. But then I like foreign cars as much as British cars. So I am fully occupied at any show and am not reduced to having to know a load of people there, though that helps a lot, if you can socialise. 

Of course the imaginative thing to do would be to advertise out National Rally at some of these venues - I will go away now.
Title: Re: Inter classic Brussel 2016 . microcars under the spotlights ...
Post by: richard on November 15, 2016, 01:58:00 PM
Al , hi, NMCR have for quite a few years had their own stand there doing just that 😏Great brains think alike 🙂
Title: Re: Inter classic Brussel 2016 . microcars under the spotlights ...
Post by: jean-do on November 26, 2016, 09:00:58 AM
yes ! ZE atomium is there  closer !!!
ZE microcar showroom !


Patrick, and Dries, from DACB microcar club, the orchestra conductors !..

patrick in his Mochet still young ! (he looks for a zurcher engine for it )

nice show with hundred of beautiful cars .... 20 000 visitors, was a good weeeknd !
Title: Re: Inter classic Brussel 2016 . microcars under the spotlights ...
Post by: Big Al on November 26, 2016, 04:50:17 PM
Now that's a stand! An interesting selection of machines, from the popular, common even, to the most unusual and rare. So who wished he had got his bottom into gear and taken the trip over, out there! I thought it would be a good showing. Well done to our immediate neighbours for a great effort. I hope it was/is rewarded with follow up interest.

Are the bubblecars still at the bottom of the Atomium building?
Title: Re: Inter classic Brussel 2016 . microcars under the spotlights ...
Post by: jean-do on November 27, 2016, 08:59:19 PM
no they don't , the show was just in front of it , in the Palais