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Invalid Carriages & other related conveyances / Invacars in Suffolk
« Last Post by Barry on August 20, 2017, 11:41:08 AM »
Yesterday and today the whole of my stock of Invacar parts, chassis and car have travelled to their new home in Kent.
The new owner will no doubt be in touch on the forum and I wish him well with all of his new projects.
Off Topic Lounge / Re: bubblecars' friends passed away !
« Last Post by jean-do on August 20, 2017, 07:32:15 AM »
on 19th, died one of the Mousquetaire of Bernardet 's scooters adventure
Pierre Bernardet, son of one of the famous three ,passed away at 92 yold !
he was the road test pilot and race pilot , riding the  250 cc scooters  to the victories
he will not read the family's story book that his nephew is writing ....

Unusual Microcar Discussion / Re: Goggomobil Electronic Gearbox
« Last Post by steven mandell on August 18, 2017, 03:19:03 PM »
Hi Bamby boy, and welcome to the Forum.
Coincidentally I am just now familiarizing myself with similar issues.
My T400 Saloon has the electronic shifter mounted on the dash, but features a longer and nearly fully bent over shifter rod that makes the desired travel up and down adjacent legs of an X pattern seem less intuitive than the shorter straight shifter's more obvious implication.
Does your have this also?
I learned from Uwe that you must first shift into nuetral after engaging first gear to become enabled to select reverse, by pushing up on the vertically orientated and linear motion activated separate shift button.
Also, all gears except for first need to be pre selected before clutch throw to allow engagement.
I.e., pushing in and then letting out the clutch pedal triggers the engagement of the gear preselected except for first gear, and possibly reverse.

Still trying to work the reverse preselect or not part out as I only am able to find nuetral at this point at best maybe one of three tries.  But that's up from one out of ten from a couple of days earlier.
At this point I can't say whether this apparently diminishing difficulty is due to my increasing skill, the car's mechanisms re breaking in, after a hiatus of several decades, or uncertainty of mechanism, as the bent shifter rod is not shown or talked about in the videos that I have seen, and there is presently plenty of slop (be it intended or not) in the mechanism.

Did you take yours apart because you couldn't find reverse, or did you just decide to check it during the course of a rebuild?
If it be the former, please ensure that you were using the proper technique to select it, before trying to fix it, as it may not be broken, and would be better off left alone.
At present for myself, finding nuetral has been the harder prerequisite (after a mandatory just previous engagement of first gear).
But with only a couple dozen shifts under my belt, with a transmission that has been asleep  for decades, I am hopeful of increasing my batting record.

Is your manual in English?

P.S. Where are you, and do you know anyone with any extra sheet metal for my 400?
Unusual Microcar Discussion / Re: Deserted Goggo
« Last Post by Rusty Chrome (Malcolm Parker) on August 18, 2017, 03:18:29 PM »
unless I do a search for this topic, I am only greeted by statistics of usage when searching for this form via .y smart phone for the last couple of weeks.

Is anyone else encountering this difficulty?

I don't know what you're searching for exactly, but an anonymised search on a random selection of search engines for "rumcars forum" returns rumcars forum - Index  to the top of my results every time. it's very straightforward to navigate to this topic from there even if for some reason your usual search isn't finding it for you.
Unusual Microcar Discussion / Re: Deserted Goggo
« Last Post by steven mandell on August 18, 2017, 02:50:18 PM »
I would have posted more of my many adventures in getting the car now functional enough to be driven on public road required during the last couple of months, but for the fact that unless I do a search for this topic, I am only greeted by statistics of usage when searching for this form via .y smart phone for the last couple of weeks.

Is anyone else encountering this difficulty?

I made the 7 hour drive to Monterey yesterday with the Goggo trailered without incident.

Will be entering it into the Concourse DeLemons tommorow.
I think it to be well qualified for high standing in such environ.
E.g. check out my own Hill Billy improvised temporary cooling system.
Hopefully a comb through the old roster for the Vintage Microcar Club for all members with Goggo's will net me a full elephant's head and trunk and engine sheet metal for a 400 cc unit, and flooring someday.
Picture to be compressed and posted soon.
Unusual Microcar Discussion / Goggomobil Electronic Gearbox
« Last Post by Bambyboy on August 16, 2017, 02:40:16 PM »
Hi Folks
Are any of you an expert on the TS400 electronic gearbox .... especially how to test the reverse gear solenoid.  I'm struggling .... despite having a manual! 

It's currently dismantled and on my workbench.  I can get it to 'jump' out of gear but not into gear!

Any advice greatly appreciated!

Off Topic Lounge / Re: bubblecars' friends passed away !
« Last Post by Chris Thomas on August 15, 2017, 08:46:13 PM »
Dear Jean Do

I met Gilles on four rallies in France and Spain and his cars were always perfect, and he was always a gentleman. A great loss.

Chris Thomas
Off Topic Lounge / bubblecars' friends passed away !
« Last Post by jean-do on August 14, 2017, 07:33:54 PM »
some of you knew Gilles DELOGE, a famous microcar driver located in Dijon in Burgundy ... great fan of three-wheelers he drove , after splendid restorations , its INTER, AVOLETTE ?, KR200 ,Solyto , Velorex and paul vallée everywhere in france and in Manresa for exemple's famous joke .... solyto 's balance in street corners !!

last week crab got him finaly ..RIP

yesterday jean-Michel HORVAT, specialised in " bizarre"  !! passed away too .... he loved after all bizarre cars , microcars and was THE specialist in electric vintage cars .... RIP
Unusual Microcar Discussion / Re: Deserted Goggo
« Last Post by richard on August 13, 2017, 07:55:49 PM »
Just what we all enjoy reading about ! Nice one and thanks for telling us . If life were so simple 😏
Unusual Microcar Discussion / Deserted Goggo
« Last Post by steven mandell on August 11, 2017, 10:36:11 AM »
In 1999 I purchased a pink (Mexicanized) 1958 Goggomobil T400 sunroof sedan at a used helicopter auction that was held outside of a private hanger where the car had been stored for so long that not only were there whiskers sticking out the sides of all 4 flat tires, but they had actually entombed themselves in hard pack earth.

The sunroof was gone, but there were rows of golden dingle balls hanging from the open perimeter of the sunroof, and the interior had been redone in pink pin striped material.

It obviously hadn't been running in decades.
I fit spare tires on it and had it transported to the garage of a house that I was trying to sell, as I had no where else to put it.
Had the gas tank professionally  boiled out, coated and painted.   Cleaned up the carb and got it running!
However I couldn't get it stopping.  Every puller I used on a rear brake drum would just twist up and off, and I now had the house sold.

One of my friends who lives in the desert said he wouldn't mind if I stored it in his spacious sandy back yard - so I called Triple A, and off it went....for 17 years!
He had an air compressor, and I gave him the key after I installed a new battery, and gave him money to cover the open sunroof with a new tarp about twice a year whenever he asked for it.
Obviously the intent was to keep the tires aired up, the engine started once a month, and the sunroof opening covered.   I was more than a bit surprised to find that none of the above had indeed occurred, with the exception of a few tarp replacements in the first couple of years.

I plead guilty to partial negligence, as in 17 years I never made the 100 Mike trek to check on it, for fear be would ask me to take it back with me, and my property was already overloaded.

Well a couple months ago I finally got the dreaded call to take it away or loose it.
So I hooked up my trailer drove out on a typical 100 degree (F) day, and found the Goggo once again resting on 4 whiskered flat tires sunk this time in sand.  No sign of a tarp, key, or the carburetor for that matter, but other than the pink upolstery and rows of golden dingle balls' evaporation from direct sun exposure, the rest of the car looked about the way I had left it.

However some of the wiring, including the largest wires going directly into the crankcase mounted Dynastarter had been completely severed by the teeth of large rats.  Pretty impressive, as this was the thickness of a battery cable.  Couldn't solder this big a wire that close to the Dynastarter without burning up expensive innards, so I instead made do with a large hollow ferule, and a professional ferule compressor, plus a good dose of heat shrink tubing, cleaned up a spare carb, a few hours cleaning out the cobwebs (literally) grime and sand that had blown into the unprotected Dynastarter's brushes and points, new unchewed spark plug wires, a battery, fresh gas and the thirty year old oil still in the oil tank, hot wired the ignition... and she started up like it had been driven the day before!

There is a lot more to tell, but I fear I will be censored for extreme length of blurb.
So I'll give you a chance to breath or throw in what ever comments you like.
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