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On a narrow country road, most vehicles do indeed "head down the middle", until an oncoming vehicle is encountered. Snow or no snow!

It makes steering and vision easier.
Yes, it's the fluffier cold version of the wet stuff, that makes the mud flow in the burn areas, that except for the last few days we so rarely see here.
Judging by the lesser amount of it seen beyond the stand of trees, it seems that our trusty editor has solved the mystery of it's prolonged predominance on your roadway.
But am I correct in inferring that the usual traveller on this road directs his vehicle to straddle the mid line of it's long axis when encountering the white peril, or not being challenged into a game of chicken by an oncoming driver?
Dear Steve

Snow is very common in Wales. Unlike some parts of California.

They also have big tractors that use the country roads, along with their trucks and Land Rovers.

The snow on the roads gets compacted into ice, which takes longer to thaw than the un-compacted  snow in the fields. Also in the shadow of the trees and hedges the sun does not fall on the snow to help it melt so quickly.

Life is one long learning experience.

Chris Thomas

Interesting that the snow atop the surface of the black top, which is the most heat absorbent color is the last to melt, even though it's gotten churned up to boot.j
Also interesting that neither the cleared path to the right or left of the road center looks as wide as a typical English vehicle.
Does everyone there drive down the center of the road?
What did that feel like with your Invacar's central steered wheel bashing through the central slush pile like a Russian ice breaker through an Arctic sea?
Invalid Carriages & other related conveyances / Re: Very early Model 70 restoration
« Last Post by HubNut on March 20, 2018, 06:46:18 PM »
Thanks. May have got a bit carried away today...

But, how many people have seen this sort of view from an Invacar?

Still have some running issues, but she seems to be improving with use. 55 miles covered now.
Invalid Carriages & other related conveyances / Re: Tippen Delta on ebay
« Last Post by Model70 on March 18, 2018, 02:11:20 PM »
Now sold. Anyone on here the purchaser?
Invalid Carriages & other related conveyances / Re: Very early Model 70 restoration
« Last Post by Model70 on March 17, 2018, 12:39:23 PM »
Well done! Great to have another back on the road!
Invalid Carriages & other related conveyances / Re: Very early Model 70 restoration
« Last Post by HubNut on March 16, 2018, 04:35:39 PM »
Well that has been a VERY exciting day! Legality achieved!
RUMCar News / Re: Rumcar News 2018
« Last Post by Jean on March 16, 2018, 11:08:52 AM »
My copy of the magazine arrived in yesterday's post.  What a cracking, diverse issue it is too.  If you don't subscribe you are missing out,  there is something for everyone in this issue. 
Congratulations Chris on all your hardwork,  especially in gaining charitable status for the Archives of Microcars.  Now I am happy to fade into the background content in the knowledge  all  the unique archives donated by Tony Marshall and those Edwin and I have added over the years are in safe hands for future generations to enjoy our hobby  as much as we did.  Jean
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