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Honda Z600s For Sale
« on: January 03, 2008, 01:17:15 PM »
I have two good Z600s for sale - one lastT&T'd in 2006, the other 90% restored (inc paint). Both very tidy, one starts and drives with sticky rear brake cylinder (doesn't stop - brake master cylinder needs refitted), the other is engine free and turning (all electrics work), needs engine checked, fuel tank drained and refilled, (exhaust fitted - brand new one supplied) brakes done and new tyres. Many new parts plus secondhand panels, spare engine for rebuild, new rear centre bumper, set new pistons, new rings, new brake parts, brand new exhaust system, good seats, dashboards, glass, trim parts - spares too numerous to mention but include 6 boxes of good new parts and 6 boxes of secondhand parts as well as bigger items. Cars located in Gloucester (SORN'd and with V5Cs in my name). One 73 (but tax free due to built in 1972), the other 1971. SOme literature available too (workshop manual/parts manual, etc)

They're both orange and I'd class them as both as condition two, with the non-runner having much welding done to it and a decent respray already. Trim is fantastic and seats in great condition. Would easily make a very tidy car, while the other with a few weekends work would be a tidy using car.

Price including spares £4000 or will swap for an interesting microcar - Isetta/Heinkel/Trojan/Bond MkA-D/Frisky.

Contact me by PM please.