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Dan Rodd

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1957 Reliant Regal mk3 soft top
« on: January 08, 2008, 05:04:24 PM »
Hi all,im advertising my Regal on here as i will need to part with it soon and want to see if there is any interest,but if anyone wants it now they can,if you see what i mean!

I thought i would put it on here first,as the Reliant people arent interested in the older stuff and just talk about themselves rather than cars,so here we go!

This is the old Reliant to have,the curvy one,not like the later mk5 and 6 regals,this is the proper rounded potato body!
Said to be only 4 left,i reckon it to be around 8,but no more than 10,2 of which are in the USA.This is the only one in the world with the 18hp Reliant engine,fitted for a few months in 1957,after which they went back to the 16.5hp engine.
I have a full history file and know about the cars history from new,including the original logbook,handbook and old photos.

At present its not running,because it needs a new 6volt battery and the fuel changing,other than that it will run no problem,would also need things like brakes servicing etc before it could be mot'd,as it hasnt been used for about 2 yrs.

It has only done 17k from new,and hasnt been restored.The chassis has never been welded,and doesnt need any,it is VERY solid,the mot man actually said it was better underneath than a lot of the newer ones!

The body has cracks and crazing as you would expect,it is afterall one of the earliest examples of grp,but has never been resprayed or filled.The ash frame is also in very good order,as is the plywood floor.

The original owner bought it new and was a london bus driver,on his retirement he moved to suffolk where he only used it to travel 3 miles a week to go 1978 he laid the car up in his garage as he decided it wasnt worth the cost for such a small mileage.
upon his death in 1991 the car was discovered by his nephew with only 12k on the clock!i have letters from him confirming all this.

it was recommisioned and brought back to the road,and its original plate reclaimed for the car.a new hood was made,exactly replicating the original,and the rear seat retrimmed.The speedo and fuel gauge were also rebuilt.

It is still in good nick really and just needs some time spent on it,to me it is imperative that it isnt restored,from seeing the other survivors,this is the only one to have NEVER been repainted,and as such,is unique.

It comes with its original toolkit and jack,tonnaue cover and handbook.its still on its original Pirrelli Aereflex tyres but for mot purposes you would need to change them(the wheels are Morris Minor so i used a set of them for driving and kept the originals for display etc)

It is the deluxe model so has front and rear chrome bumpers and side strips,it also has a unique craven rear carrier(no bootlid)that was made especially for the mk3.

Was last on the road about 2 yrs ago,where it was driven to the national Reliant rally about 60 miles away,where newer cars were trailered,due to its low miles,it drives very nicely and sits at about 45-50mph.

here are a few links to some pics of it on i will add some more of my own shortly.
gallery number 068

If interested pm me,email me on or post on here! :)

All i want is for it to go to a good home where it wont be unneccesarily restored and will be left as it is.
I know that the micro people are more likely to look after it you see!

Dan :'(
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Dan Rodd

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Re: 1957 Reliant Regal mk3 soft top
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2008, 12:24:38 AM »
The Regal is provisionally sold to a Rum member untill further notice :)


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Re: 1957 Reliant Regal mk3 soft top
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Love the car  :)



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Re: 1957 Reliant Regal mk3 soft top
« Reply #3 on: January 24, 2008, 03:42:36 PM »
there was an unrestored one of these in Gloucester too - saw it last year - may still be there!

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Re: 1957 Reliant Regal mk3 soft top
« Reply #4 on: January 24, 2008, 04:51:17 PM »
there was an unrestored one of these in Gloucester too - saw it last year - may still be there!

 That one was a Mk 6, myself & Daniel have both seen that car at a Lister-Petter Rally a few years ago, on the same day but each unbeknown to the other.  There's a bit of a story in this tale actully, but I'm somewhat knackered from 4 hours daily overtime at work at the moment, so Daniel might fill everyone in if we ask him nicely, if not, I'll recount the tale at the weekend........