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Arola 4 wheeler for sale
« on: January 24, 2008, 09:07:16 PM »
I've done it again, too many cars and not enough space.  Late last year I bought a four-wheel Arola
with the Sachs 49cc engine from a French friend.  It was apparently a runner but I managed to lose the
only key before I could put his claim to the test.  He said that the battery runs down if left connected
for a couple of days and one of the side sliding windows is a non-original Perspex replacement. 

It's been repainted blue, fibreglass body with metal doors in good condition. French registration document
present to facilitate UK registration if you want to give Stuart a run for his money up Witney High Street.
I paid 500euro for it so first offer of the £ equivalent, about £380, secures.  This offer expires on Sunday Jan
27 at midnight after which time I'll be letting it take its' chances on eBay.

Collect from Dover or delivery possible at £1 per mile within reason.  Photos on request to

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