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Ligier exhaust wanted
« on: October 18, 2006, 07:56:46 AM »
Hi everyone

I've just bought a Ligier JS4 through  The car is still
in France and is being stored by a friend until I can think of
an excuse to go and fetch it.

It is nearly complete and is apparently a runner.  The only
things missing are the door mirrors and the exhaust.  As the
engine is the 49cc Mobylette unit I assumed that an exhaust
from a moped would fit but I'm told that this is not necessarily
the case.

Does anyone know where I can obtain an exhaust please?  If
the worst came to the worst I could have something made up
but I'd like to try to source the right part before I get the spanners
and pipe benders out!

With a bit of luck it'll be at Jean's next Open Day.

Nick D.
Mitsubago L300 camper van, Honda PC50, Mobylette AV32, Mobylette AV92, Motoconfort X7, Moto Graziella Cheeky Boy, Poirier Manulette MS6 invalid trike, Puch Maxi, Raleigh Wisp, VeloSoleX 5000, VeloSoleX 3300, Power Pak, Cyclemaster & Raleigh RM6.