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New Attachments now work
« on: October 10, 2009, 08:28:56 PM »
Previously broken, the feature to attach an image to your post has now returned.
Please note that OLDer posts that have attachments still will not display the attached file, but new posts going forward should.

To attach a pic to your post, look to the bottom left of the box where you are typing your message.
You will see:  Additional Options...

click that, a menu drops down and the ability to attach files is now available.
If you want to attach more than one file, click the (more attachments) link.
(4 files total per post, maximum size of an individual file is 3.5MB, total of 5MB per post, that is quite a lot really)
You do NOT have to reduce the size of your attached files!  The forum software will do that automatically and display a 300x300 image for everyone.
If you want to see the full size image, just click once on the image and it will become full size (whatever that is).
But if you are on dialup internet, this will be handy for viewing files without having to wait for a massive image to download.

For those of you using Photobucket or something to host your pics, nothing has changed you can still do that.

if you encounter problems or have questions, please post them here.
thank you!

here is an example attached file that is much larger than the thumbnail you see: