Author Topic: BMW 700 electrical and mechanical parts  (Read 1610 times)


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BMW 700 electrical and mechanical parts
« on: October 11, 2009, 04:06:43 PM »
I need some parts for the restoration of my recently purchased Farmobils. I've just sent Tony an article for next issue of Rum Car News if you haven't encountered one yet! I know there aren't any on the Register (because I looked!) Most of the parts needed are electrical or mechanical parts from a BMW 700. Given the poor survival rate of 700s I'm hoping someone can help me with the bits that get salvaged.
I need:
1. Fuel tap.
2. Silencer and heater boxes.
3. Combined gearchange/ignition switch and selector rod.
4. Indicator switch.
5. Headlight dip switch.
6. Light switch.
7. Round Saloon type speedometer.
8. Engine cross member with rubbers for mounting engine.
9. Engine fan and end cover.
10. Lower cylinder shrouds and bridging piece.

Any other bits and pieces wouldn't go amiss - but please no wise cracks like "do you think they grow on trees" like I got when I asked for Bond Mk C bits!
Fingers crossed. ;)


Jim Janecek

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Re: BMW 700 electrical and mechanical parts
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2009, 06:58:14 PM »
try poking around here:

look under the BMW 700 section.
note: just because an item is listed there does not mean it is in stock.
the way it works is that you add the stuff you want to your shopping cart and check out.
24 hours later, Sch├Ąper sends you a PDF in an email that shows what is in stock how much it is (VAT is usually removed) and the cost for packing and shipping.
at that point you pay.

another note: don't go playing around on the site and adding a pile of things to your cart, checking out and then trying to change the order later too much.
You may regret this later when you really really need something.