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RUM Car News 87 - Winter 2005
« on: December 12, 2005, 10:25:24 PM »
RCN 87 out now ... contents include ...

Some rarities from Austria
The National Microcar Rally
Is it a microcar? L'Autoplane
Seen on eBay - Zundapp, Cushman, Microcar Lyra
Another Trident
Bob Curl's Dolphin
Harding DeLuxe: The rebirth of Edwin's folly
They made scooters, too - The Puch
The Resurrection of Gordon

Plus, as always, lots of news, letters, additions to the RUMcar register, members cars and snaps, mystery car, news from the Frisky, Nobel, AC Petite, Goggomobil, Peel and Invalid Carriage registers, Microcar Market Place and more besides.

More details
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