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Update Message from Tony.
« on: January 01, 2011, 09:41:33 PM »
Tony asked me to post this message written in his own fair hand.   

   The latest news is that Lynne made quite spectacular progress and was evicted from the hospital two days before Christmas, on a pair of crutches and very wobbly legs.  We had a great Christmas under the circumstances but Lynne will probably be doing the cooking next time.  We are still not sure if they meant to let Lynne go so soon, but when I went to collect her there were only two nurses on the whole ward and they were borrowed from somewhere else.  Staff shortages?  No, it was the night of the Christmas party!  As a result I had to go back next day to collect some medication that nobody seemed able to dispense.  What fun, we had a blizzard that coincided with my trip.  I ended up with many packets of tablets and a box of ready-for-use syringes that Lynne was expected to use on herself.  Obviously they weren't aware of her feelings about injections, so it was arranged that a district nurse would call every day to do the necessary.  I didn't really want to do it and anyway I didn't have the nurse's uniform.  There were tablets and injections to stop her blood clotting, loads of different pain killers, tablets to protect Lynne's stomach from the other tablets, and some big ones that were only to be taken on Tuesdays.  Apparently there should also have been some laxatives but Milton Keynes hospital had none in stock.  There must have been a run (or runs) on them.  Time to check out the catering arrangements perhaps.
The treatment Lynne underwent involved inserting a metal rod about 14 inches long inside the thigh bone (Femur), starting quite near the hip joint and ending towards the knee.  This was secured with screws at both ends and both sides of the break.  After this the flesh was stuck back with a mixture of stitches and metal staples.  And it all worked really well.  Today (New Years Eve) was the first visit from a physio the rapist, who soon had Lynne using just one crutch and then even got her to go up and down stairs.  The next visit will be in two weeks and should be the last we see of her (the physio, not Lynne).  There don't seem to be any arrangements for a final check, so when the tablets run out (or get lost behind the sideboard) treatment will cease.
Lynne send her thanks and appreciation for all the messages received, and says she will try not to do it again.  On the other hand, she is also itching to kick start the BSA Bantam and I can't remember which leg she uses for that.
And there was no need of laxatives, my cooking took care of all that!
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Re: Update Message from Tony.
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2011, 01:55:51 PM »
Good to hear of progress, cheers!
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