Author Topic: ALERT: Forum is WAS under attack  (Read 4431 times)

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ALERT: Forum is WAS under attack
« on: February 12, 2011, 12:07:51 AM »
Yes, this is not a drill.
The forum error log is filled with entries because someone or something is trying to log in as almost everyone in the forum, including me.
All the failed entries are logged and the list is getting very long.

This just started happening today.

I may have to shut down the forum temporarily until I can figure out what to do.

UPDATE: I found out what to do and it was a problem that was affecting many other forums that are using the same software.  There is a forum for users of this software (imagine that!) and people have been discussing this for the last month.
Apparently what happens is these infected computers try to log in as users using a "brute force" attack to just guess the password.
They do this over and over and over again from multiple sources.  Once they reach the limit for "failed login attempts" that account is locked out and they keep trying other accounts.

I still have no answer about what happened to the "What happened to BIG AL?" topic but I am going to assume that Stuart's account was compromised somehow.
Stuart- if you read this and can log in, please do so and change your password immediately.

I have applied a "fix" that will supposedly keep out the bots that were hammering the forum.  Time will tell if it works.

if you still experience problems logging in, please contact me directly:
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