Author Topic: Wanted: Schmitt Chassis tubes  (Read 1636 times)

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Wanted: Schmitt Chassis tubes
« on: May 06, 2011, 06:26:03 PM »

  For a while, I have wanted a second microcar, preferably a schmitt, to do after my Nobel restoration (I always need a project ;) ).

Before I actually got down to do my Nobel (My dad started my Nobel just when he gave it to me, but then left it for a few years, I only started it just after last Mannheim), I decided to make a Go Kart out of an old lride on mower (Yes Stuart, that ugly thing you saw pics of WAS my go kart ;) ),  by fixing the engine, painting it, changing pulley sizes for speed, etc, etc...

That one is nearly done now, I have been working on it quite a bit these days, because the next step on my Nobel is the engine, and I done most of the work myself, but of course for the engine, I need a specialist ;) , so basicly I can finish the old project. Afyter the Nobel engine, I will also have a couple of months free, because my Dad said we will have to bring out the body when theres space, we need to sell a few cars blocjking the way to my Nobel !), enoug time for another go kart! (they dont take too long, hopefully). I wanted to make one from scratch this time, maybe make a 3 wheeler, like a schmitt or fend flitzer, just very blocky, by making a tubular chassis, and riveting 2 dimensionnal-ly curved metal panels (if you understand, not shaped metal, just curved on one end), to make the body. My dad said it would be better to actually get a schmitt instead, he said all I need are the tubes, so then I have a "schmitt", and not a replica. I may do both projects, because at my age, a go kart is more fun, because I can use it properly when its finished, unlinke the schmitt I will need to wait till I get a license, and I will probably be able to finish all the projects before I'm 18. (1st go kart nearly done, Nobel quite a bit left, but chassis is 95% done, next go kart will just be a spare time project, and the schmitt will just be a project in the barn until the Nobel is done, but while the Nobel is getting done, I will get parts, and put them all together for the schmitt :) ).

So, does anyone have a spare schmitt chassis? I just need the tubes, as lomg as they have a chassis number stamped on them, and good-ish condition, but if you avtually have a "bathtub" you dont need, that would be better :)
PS: If you have a bathtub, dont worry of the condition of the panels, I will probably get new metal panels of the club. I will get enough money (I hope! ) from my current "busuiness", buying stuff at car boots, and selling them on ebay, already managed to save up enough to buy a good computer :)

If you have somehting you think I may want, please send me a message, having a schmitt is one of the things I want to have in my life :)

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