Author Topic: Wanted: Lenses and reflectors (can be cracked)  (Read 1363 times)

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Wanted: Lenses and reflectors (can be cracked)
« on: September 23, 2011, 06:44:52 PM »

  I am looking for schmitt size glass headlamp lenses, and if possible, reflectors. These have to be schmitt size, but I dont care about the pattern on it or anything.
I dont care about the fixings of the reflector, I will suit myself to fit them on.

They are for my gokart. Schmitt lenses fit pefectly, but my dad doesnt have any broken ones to spare!
I only have 1 original headlamp from the mower, and its sealed so I cant change the bulb...

If you have a broken reflector, I dont want anything broken onto more than 2 pieces.

I only need 2 of each, as long as they match.

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