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Re: Rumcars Open Day
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It would be a shame to limit it to 28mph as this is a very dangerous speed.  40mph is much safer.
An electric car could easily be limited to 28mph and still have acceleration.  upgrade to higher speed at 17years old with the same vehicle.

I don't think the 50cc cars such as Qpod would be as safe a a moped. 
(could easily be tuned-up with a 70cc kit etc.  but no insurance pay-out when they hit something at 50mph)

All sans Permis style cars were designed with an element of Euthanasia in the brief (the Minicat is just plain suicide).

And could they reliably make a 20mile round trip every day?

I like the idea of a reliable modern electric vehicle to transport them safely to college.


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Re: Rumcars Open Day
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I cycle in virtually all weather except icy road conditions and the exercise keeps me tolerably warm.
I'm going completely off topic, but I can heartily recommend bicycle winter tyres, such as these Contis:

(The bike ones, obviously!)

They are even better than car winter tyres and their grip on ice, even ice under water, is startlingly good.  Their price, however, is eye-watering.


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Re: Rumcars Open Day
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off topic on so many counts could get you a gold medal  :) bicycle and winter for starters  :D are you sure your not big al really - obviously wiggins got to you

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Re: Rumcars Open Day
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Cheers Andrew i might look out for winter tyres but would still be hesitant because the number of ice road drivers driving far too fast and carelessly (eg on the phone) put me off anyway! well done Wiggins though! I went off topic once, but I think I got away with it (© Basil Fawlty)
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Re: Rumcars Open Day
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 I've been off topic for ages. Too many nuts!  ;D
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