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Re: Weiner auction live feed
« Reply #105 on: February 23, 2013, 08:54:14 AM »
Indeed they have and I have done my little number crunching exercise to make sense of it and what I am doing. I need to re adjust my activities slightly but like Messerschmitt I am fortunate to have pretty much the cars I want so to an extent the price rise, or a fall, is irrelevant. So the shuffle is in what I do not want and what I do with it. Yep, trading cars spare for something more interesting to me has merit and I had forgotten its possibilities in all the tunnel thinking of being stuck in a rut.

I have now finally bought my long negotiated bungalow, so a relocation, but only three miles down the road. From that fact all new decisions flow and I become master of my destiny again after 7 long years! I can still go to Tormarton Clubnight at the Major's Retreat off J18 of the M4 on the second Wednesday of each month, for instance. Not far from the F of D - nearly moved to the north of it myself.
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Re: Weiner auction live feed
« Reply #106 on: February 23, 2013, 09:32:23 AM »
I've just had a look at the results and not a lot of it makes sense. The Americans don't appear to put much of a value on there home grown microcars few as they are, that surprises me. They only want European stuff. One of my favourite cars the Rolux, prices realized were comparatively low which gives me hope! Zeta sport, dont they have the Tiger engine in them, if so that was well under priced too. What really made me chuckle though was his noen Inter sign, the maker had even copied the Bond minicar silencer I put on Bruces car! All in all many of the cars I like  made considerably less than I thought they would. Anyway, enough about money and values, thats all we seem to get drawn into talking about these days, lets get back to having some fun with driving our cars.
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