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Jim Janecek

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Re: moderators moderate
« Reply #30 on: July 05, 2013, 03:26:08 PM »
What has happend to this Forum? Can't we put on new topics anymore? There doesn't seem to be a box to tick !

Nothing has "happend" (sic) to the Forum.
You cannot start a new TOPIC from within an existing one.
To start a new topic, go to the main page for that category that lists all the topics and find the "New Topic" button on the right.

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Re: moderators moderate
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Oh dear, what with my spelling mistake happening as well I must have had a senior moment. I think I will crawl back into my cave again.
Ain't got nuffink now except memories.


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Re: moderators moderate
« Reply #32 on: July 05, 2013, 07:29:46 PM »
Hi Everybody,
Sorry for the delayed reaction but I have been rather busy with other things.  I am responding to an early quote from Big Al on this Topic and adding some thoughts on what I feel new Topics should cover.

Now I will show my ignorance. Do Scootacar, Goggo, Nobel have forums? They have there own registers but lean to a greater or lesser extent on RUM none the less.

I wish to refute some of the statements that have been made about the Register of Unusual Microcars that have been made by various people in this topic. First and foremost Nobels, Goggomobils and Peels DO NOT HAVE THEIR OWN REGISTER they are and always will be part and parcel of the Register whose data is now handled by Alastair Lauchland.  The people, call them section leaders or overseers, what you will, who so kindly write in RUMCAR NEWS and maintain  contact with the owners of the cars, feed all information about new cars found and changes of ownership back to Alastair. He is the only person who can issue a unique RUMCAR number to a vehicle; these numbers incidentally are recognised by the DVLA.  The only totally independent Registers are the Scootacar and the Frisky ones set up by Steve Boyd and John Meadows respectively  at about the same time as the Register of Unusual Microcars which I founded in 1980 for all three and four wheeled vehicles with engines of under 700cc and small electric vehicles not covered by any other one make club.  They should be road legal and not mass produced..

The invalid carriages crept on to the Register in the late 1980’s when Michael Lawrence of the Disabled Drivers Association appealed for me to help out in the early days of DVLA V765 Scheme as I had been authorised to approve vehicles applying to keep their original registration number.  We were the organisation closest to their specification and DVLA agreed that with Mikes help I could authenticate their invalid carriages. After Mike’s death I carried on until Stuart came on the scene and we agreed that he should take on the Invalid Carriages, seek recognition in his own right from the DLVA and split away from the Register of Unusual Microcars.  I feel was most appropriate as Stuart wished to include the older pedal powered ones as well as the newer mobility scooters, not because they were in anyway inferior to microcars as their were too many very close connections.

I do not agree that the ‘Sans Permis’ cars should be lumped together with Invalid Carriages in one Topic. They are in my opinion a microcar and should have a Topic of their own as should the Mopeds and Scooters then those people who are not interested in a particular Topic don’t have to read them.  Simples!!

The ‘Sans Permis’ vehicles do present the Register with a whole new set of problems and
and both Chris and I would be most appreciative of an expert volunteer who would be prepare to overseer that section  on our behalf.

I trust will dispel some of the myths.  Jean
Register of Unusual Microcars

Big Al

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Re: moderators moderate
« Reply #33 on: July 05, 2013, 11:09:53 PM »
There we have the core statement of intent. So around that and the comment prior are we nearly there? Cannot think of more to add myself.

As a digression when started the Goggo Register I did note down all the car details, indeed I still have them somewhere. Clearly the Register defunct into a more loose accumulation. I am not surprised, as so few Goggos were about and even now, with imports, they are not a great force to be reckoned with.
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