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Lorton - plans change
« on: April 02, 2014, 09:12:53 AM »
Seems to be the way of my lifestyle in recent years. I really should never make a firm plan to do anything, as something always comes up to change what I was going to do.

Firstly I have had a series of illnesses once I bruised my lymphless leg. Clearly enough of an infection to lower the threshold to goodness knows what nasty things have been going about this winter. I spent the whole time from Chrimbo being sneezed and coughed at to fall just as the weather turns and we are allowed light. So progress on cars has been nil for two weeks.

Then I received a 'phone call to back up several messages I had been ignoring. Could I do some filming work. Normally I will not, as I have found film people impossible to work with and tending to have done minimal research, reaching a point of view at odds to what I believe is either factual, or good, for the car in question. Such is the arrogance of most film producers it is a waste of time getting involved. However this time there does seem to be a wish to educate, interest and have some creative filming. Therefore I have undertaken to not only do some stuff to camera, but to set up a few other people who hold differing opinions and favorites to myself. Hopefully that will cut down into something that will be of credit and benefit to our hobby than the normal ignoramus spouting rubbish. Filming is the Week of Lorton. Bummer. Looks like a trip up to collect a couple of stashed cars to be sold off, instead of driving one round the Lakes.

Still at least progress is being made to get things sorted out. I really am determined to get a Schmitt running reliably this year, as the prime task. However come the end of April I will be looking to actively market a Messerschmitt and a Velorex refreshed out of stash, assuming already interested do not take them straight on.  Several more cars will be going as it is time to clear away unwanted projects.
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