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My Funtech 50
« on: April 09, 2014, 03:18:57 PM »
 Alas, due to shortness of the folding stuff, I have to thin out the vehicular things again, so for sale, first to Forum viewers, is my Funtech 50. I acquired this last May from a large & expensive country estate near Birmingham, which had had three of them for bumbling around the estate. It never went on the public highway, therefore it never required DVLA registering, and has only clocked up 350 genuine km in its life.

 When I bought it, it was missing its petrol tank and rear lights as these had been swapped onto one of the other four-wheeled Funtech's they had, as & when they had needed parts replaced. During the summer of 2013 I located a spare petrol tank and replaced the rear lights. At great expense, I also acquired a complete set of doors and roof for it. These alone are worth a fortune in the Funtech/Qpod world, as since the factory burnt down in 2007, they've been totally unavailable.

 It does need a few afternoons spent on it, such as plumbing in the petrol tank, finishing off a few bits here & there and a little bit of cosmetic work if you're fussy. (The boot lid for some reason had been sprayed blue over it's original red, and one of the doors has a hole in its canvas lining) I never got round to getting it to start up, as you know, I tend to look at my stuff far more than I fiddle with their mechanicals! The right hand door requires hanging on its hinges. these are two small 10mm ball joints. Both were broken on the right hand side when I got the roof & doors kit, but I have two replacement ball joints which just require a new thread cutting on one end to suit. The canvas roof centre section either needs replacing or stretching a bit more to fit perfectly. They do shrink though after a few years in service. The front headlights will need both bowls replacing as these have rusted through, a fault of the design where the headlights sit in a pool of water collected by the plastic bodywork.  Although the foregoing sounds a lot. it really is only a couple of afternoons pottering about with it.

 This Funtech is a very early 1999 car (Production began in late 1998) and as such it has the foot throttle, as well as foot brake. It has never been DVLA registered but I have the Certificate of Conformity and a SECMA factory letter confirming its year of manufacture and that it is a UK-spec car and that all taxes have been paid etc etc. (These two bits of paper cost 120 euros alone!) These are ALL you need to register it with the DVLA under their form V55/5.

 Around 400 Funtech's/Qpods were brought into the UK between 1999 and 2007, and only twenty-seven of these were three-wheeled Funtech 50's. Mine is something like the fifth one over here.

Two price options;

 £800 complete with roof and doors.


 £650 minus roof and doors.

 My home internet is still off, so contact me, Stuart Cyphus, on 01993 862948.  Car located in Witney, Oxfordshire.
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