Author Topic: Several microcars for sale !  (Read 2288 times)


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Several microcars for sale !
« on: December 04, 2014, 08:47:59 AM »
On behalf of a good friend whos not useing this forum, and with compleance of the webmaster of this side, i post this advertisment.

 Microcars for sale !

Berkeley 3cylinder 2 stroke Excelsior engine with 3 carburators,nice restored car,15000,-€ Australian Lightburn Zeta Sport without engine,easy project,would fit a Goggomobil engine in this car,good body and chassis 12500,-€ also for sale Fuldamobil Fram King S7,for restauration,good body and frame,4500,-€ Reproduction of front wings for KR175 and KR200 in perfect quality,pressed in one part,like original,set of 2 wings 760,-€ For any questions,please contact me to: