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Jim Janecek

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British language as default
« on: November 14, 2014, 04:15:52 PM »
The forum has several languages available for use by users.
Prior to this announcement the only one in use by default was US-English.
I've added English-British and made that the default language, although in your PROFILE settings you can change it to either one and override the default settings.

That being said, it won't help you with auto-correct if you are using a web browser that is using a US-based dictionary for its own settings.
This was discussed briefly by AndyL,  BobPurton, and Richard in this Topic:
You will have to poke around and update the settings on your web browser if it will not let you spell aluminium properly.
Alternatively you can Right Click (or Control click) on the word that you are trying to spell and you should get a menu option to "learn" a new spelling or something.

So in conclusion, the ability to spell things seems to be more dependent on what device and web browser you are using rather than the forum itself.