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More independant Schmitt parts
« on: November 20, 2014, 10:10:25 AM »
After some thought I have decided to invest in something I was involved in as a project at its inception. Also happened to fit in with what suited both parties. That initial deal has grown a bit but it fits well with some other projects I have which can run for a decade or two, starting next year. 

I have now collected tooling to continue constructing the 40mm and 42mm exhaust systems replicated by Russell Church. The standard system was based on a number of original silencers out of my stash that we cut up. So they are as original inside and perform as they should with a nice crisp characteristic Schmitt note. The exhaust downpipe normally comes fitted with the heater banana skins, be they 40mm or 42mm. Also normally the exhaust is supplied separate to the silencer. One offs can be accommodated, like no heater or all in one system. The 42mm silencer is based on the standard unit's shape but is in fact an expansion system offering improved exhaust performance in the same space, using the same mountings, as the standard unit. Very neat.
Once I have sorted myself out there should be nuts, gaskets, replacement banana skins and part systems available. Trade price available on quantity.

Later there will be a complete tuning package featuring a new carburettor, inlet, new high compression cylinder head, 42mm exhaust, gasket, fitting tool and data and instruction sheet. This system was designed by using a rolling road and thus is known to actually work. It easily offers 25% more power and torque from a good engine. I hold the cylinder head tooling should a further run be wanted.

Later I will have time to develop new contact breaker plates assembled from all original Siba parts ex Dolphin Engines. There will also be new original points sets, Siba coils, possibly condensers, Bosch type regulators and new and restored Black Boxes of both types. Not enough new Siba regulators to sell loose, I am afraid.

There is a possibility of seats, KR200, TG500 and KR200. Such is the tooling that some work still needs to be done yet to make a full jig, but kits of parts might be supplied for home build. If I do productionise I think it will be the Sport seat as it will liberate KR200 seats. Russ found the Tiger seat uneconomic to make - people would not pay the price for the complexity. In addition seat bases and pantograph will be available separately.

Also complete rebuilt Sach 200 engines with cowls, dynostarter, carb etc, ready to be fitted into a car as an outright purchase. Likewise chaincases.

Other misc Schmitt parts I have overstocked, and access to, will be put to a remotely managed listing with the other retail stock. This same source will be passed my excess Fiat, Subaru, Isuzi, Saab inc engines, Borgward, Goggomobil inc engines and Treinkel inc engines and Villiers engines to sell, as I go through them over the next few years. Time to start looking at clearing out and simplifying what I have in hand in favour of a few better cars backed with a sensible level of spares. 
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Re: More independant Schmitt parts
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2014, 10:21:12 PM »
lol tut tut tut ha ha finally come out again al!!! ok well when you get setup with tooling and parts pm me with a price scheme of what you can do and ill see bout batch stock
good on ya tho but leave room for little old messy :P
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