Author Topic: Proper library shelving for collector  (Read 1376 times)

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Proper library shelving for collector
« on: July 03, 2015, 03:51:18 PM »
This an ad that will be going to several places like eBay. It is for Remploy quality library shelving. Might suit a collector of books/papers/toys etc. I have it in my den and its brilliant.


8 bookcase units is 24ft long and can take 144 ft of books. At £375 this is over a fifth the price of the equivalent system new. Do not confuse these with inferior laminated MDF products.

 These are units of good quality solid wood Remploy library system, removed by contract from a Government Laboratory, for re use. Having completed our new library, these units are surplus to requirements. They are constructed of pine, in blond or white finish, the bottom has a black kicker panel. The five mid shelves are adjustable on steel clips. The frame is fixed by steel clips and locked in position by the ply backing. This is panel pinned to the back of the formed carcase, which includes the bottom shelf, thus that shelf is not adjustable. Each unit will free stand against a wall without needing to be screwed in. Formed into a row of units over three they free stand well enough. Backed by more units they form up into very stable classic Library double rows.

 The partners of the move have each taken units home. Here they prove a boon, as they have a neutral styling, and consume a huge amount of family goods as well as books. The picture is of some in use in my study.
  For home use the only issue is that I have no plain end uprights. All ends have brackets, removable, and holes for the adjustable shelves, which will show. Clearly as a library most units were middle uprights. Might put some off, but these are so useful I can see them going in a home for all manner of uses beyond books.

 The units are supplied flat, and will need to be collected from Brize Norton, near Witney. Bare in mind the back sheet of plywood is 6 foot 6 inches by 3 foot. The entire lot is on 4 pallets and would need a van to move it. One lot will fill a large car and roof rack.
  You get 37 uprights if you wish to take the lot in one go (£1,500). That gains you a potential 5 extra sections, if your installation allows. That is over 660 ft of books. So ideal for a school, college or other similar establishment. I can store for a while, so you can sort your logistics out.
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