Author Topic: Messerschmitts? EBay  (Read 2285 times)

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Messerschmitts? EBay
« on: August 02, 2016, 07:48:56 AM »
It just so happens that eBay has auctions running under Messerschmitt for a head to head between a Tri Tech KR200 (250cc) against a Bamby Cars KR200 Sport replica, (125cc).

The Bamby Cars offering is a strange sale as it is a virtually new car, so quite why the owner is selling a commissioned order so quickly is a mystery. I had hopes that this Evens initiative would be a popular option for those who feel they neither want, not can afford, the genuine item, along with the demands ownership requires if you are to run the car continually. Admittedly the Sport top reduces the use in bad weather, but without a good order base I can quite understand why not making canopies is the smart move for a small manufacturer. But on the bonus side the spec selected has slotted the Sport into a cheap tax bracket using the modern system. A realistic presentation as using an old logbook is technically infringing a number of rules if not done correctly. Done correctly it will still need its modern parts.

So the conundrum over a quick sale of a new car aside, this is an interesting head to head. Since I know next to nothing about the Bamby version I cannot sit in judgement. I know what I do not care for on the Tri Tech. Both ape the more jazzy trim options in the Messerschmitt range. Both are humbly inaccurate in the parts used, to keep costs at an affordable level. It does not preclude owners retrofitting the correct parts should they wish to in most cases. The Sport boasts a Nick Poll interior, so I do not know what the standard offering is. Then again why duplicate a task, if someone is doing the product already, so there maybe a tacit agreement there.

I wonder what the next car to be faked/replicated/kit made of it? We know opinions vary widely on the topic.
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