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Pleasing the public
« on: July 04, 2007, 08:31:58 PM »
We all know how much response we get from people who see us driving our micros. Last time we had some decent sun (May) a fellow visiting the bike shop in our yard saw my Trojan and came over for a good look and chat. It turned out that he was from Oporto, Portugal. In the late 50s/ early 60s when he was 4, there was a Heinkel Trojan a few streets away from him which he sometimes saw and loved the sight of. He moved away and never saw another and had almost frogotten them , or thought maybe his memory was wrong, until he saw DUF and knew at once that this was the car he knew, not Isettas which people often suggested. He said seeing it made his day and he was exstatic. He is a keen photographer and intends to come back if we ever get some more sun  to get pix and have a ride. Also some Sweedish bikers had a look and talked about the Heinkel Pilots Jazz band back home, with Peter Sundfelt. A few days later I met a woman who had a Heinkelwith her husband as their first car, while their neighbour had a Trojan. They obviously had a lot of fun. At first she was amazed at their current value, but then realised that they are fun rare and characterful.
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