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Rumcar News has been published quarterly since summer 1984. In that time the technology of producing and printing a magazine has changed enormously from typewriter and Roneo printer through cut and paste with photo-coping in black and white to digital desk top publishing and digital colour printing.

We have a vast stock of back issues that are available to purchase in either printed paper or digital .pdf format. From issue 1 to 102 we have some issues that are out of print and will be recreated by scanning the master copy. Some issues are available in original paper format, while others have been scanned and are available in digital .pdf format (printed copies are available at an extra cost). From issue 103 to the present day every issue is available in both digital and printed paper format.

To determine which back issues you may wish to purchase a full list of all the vehicles that been written about appear in the Rumcar News - A-Z Subject List while the availability of each issue is contained in the Rumcar News - Issue Availability List .

The cost of back issues are as follows:

Digital back issues

£3.00 each

Printed paper copies including postage

UK Mainland




Rest of the world


For purchases of 3 or more paper copies, reductions on postage may be available.   

Once you have decided which back issues you wish to purchase contact Chris Thomas Rumcar News Editor on or telephone +44(0)1883724774 or write to : The Editor, Rumcar News2 Ridlands Grove, Limpsfield Chart, Oxted, Surrey, RH8 0ST, UK. Whereupon Chis will be able to confirm availability, delivery, payment method and total cost for the order before any payment is made.

Please note for technical reasons we cannot provide digital copies of Rumcar News to Australia and New Zealand in 2024