Author Topic: In appreciation of our forum.  (Read 10176 times)

Bob Purton

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Re: In appreciation of our forum.
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Dont worry, your not alone Stuart, everyone who doesnt own one does it on entry, my wife still does it and we have owned the car for eight years! I didnt know feet went bigger than eleven, are you related to Max Miller or was it Max Wall who wore the enourmous feet?
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Re: In appreciation of our forum.
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Mates, you should'nt forget the germans sold plenty of Schmitts to the brits!! We never discuss to kick out our members out of the club.
At least its a free market anyway, isn't  it.
Some of the british mates are looking for a TG. So what you thinking where you can find one? Im just looking to help somebody in the UK to find aTiger.
 At least we are all enthusiast of microcars, matters not what country they are coming from.
Important is, we should all keep friends, and enjoy the cars together.
Regards Ferdi

I agree Ferdi it is a free market.    And with the Euro getting stronger by the minute we won't have anything left soon.

Say goobye to the family silver!!!!
"Men of worth act like men of worth, and men of genius, who produce
things beautiful and excellent, shine forth far better when other people
praise them than when they boast so confidently of their own achievements."
-Benvenuto Cellini