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Tuc Tucs in Brighton
« on: July 08, 2006, 10:46:12 PM »
After all the publicity in the National Papers, the offer of free trips around Brighton prior to the launch on Monday 10 July, was too good to miss. Hop on a Tuc Tuc this weekend at pick up points at the station, Marina, sea front and at Hove.

There are 12 brightly coloured themed vehicles, seating three passengers, with belts, I was zipping along the sea front behind the lady driver. Honking horns at other tuc tucs along the way. The public gazed, smiled and kept stopping my driver to ask for a lift. The sea breeze sent a bit of a chill into my quarters. I'm told there are side panels to be installed during the winter months. We arrived at the Marina in next to no time. A long queue had formed eager to jump aboard.

Fares appear to be reasonable, £2.50 flat rate, children  £1.50.


Richard Evans



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Re: Tuc Tucs in Brighton
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2006, 08:04:06 PM »
Hmmm, sounds like a trip along the coast is called for!  I saw the item on the BBC local news announcing the launch of the service and loved the different colour schemes.  My favourite was the Burberry one named "Chavriolet"!

Apparently the local taxi drivers aren't too pleased with the business that the auto-rickshaws are taking from them.  If they can't beat 'em, they could always join 'em!

I heard that each Tuk Tuk had cost the firm's owner £2000 plus a shed load more to convert each one to UK spec so they probably didn't come from Steve Webb in Southampton.  He charges the thick end of £5k on the road.  Just try getting spare parts from him, though.  I know, I've tried!  The attitude is "You didn't buy it from me so you can't have my spares!"

I won't be charging for rides in mine at the Open day, of course!

Nick D.
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