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KV/KVS Mini 1 parts and information wanted

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After easing into the world of two-stroke automobiles with a pair of SAAB 96 sedans, I have purchased a 1980 KV Mini 1 and wish to post the standard plea for information on parts, literature, general knowledge, and the like related to this vehicle. This is one of two KV/KVS cars formerly in the Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum (, though the museum's website refers to mine as a 1982 or 1983 KVS Mini 1.  I now have the car running and driving in Shoreline, Washington (a suburb of Seattle), but it is only a matter of time before difficulties arise.  Besides, the car arrived with a broken exterior door handle and without its fuel cap.  I don't suppose anyone has spares handy?  Thanks.

Mike Harrell


Here is one for sale in central France, you may be able to get some info. about spares.

Seller has had the car on Ebay a ccouple of times and is now open to offers.

You can use this site to email him in french;-

Good luck


Bob Purton:
I love the transmission on these cars, like a bigger version of a friction driven cycle motor! I guess that the little spring and dogtooth arrangement is a form of differential The simple ideas are often the best and certainly the cheapest!

The "spring and dogtooth arrangement" may act somewhat as a differential, in that it lets the tires slip a bit more independently, but its primary purpose seems to be strain relief for vertical movement of the rear suspension.  I agree about the drivetrain-- it's the reason I bought the car.  I've never owned any automobile this new before and have already been mocked for moving up into the 1980s, but I just couldn't resist that capstan drive.

Mike Harrell

Bob Purton:
Well well, its getting cruder all the time!


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