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Re: Deathly Silence!!!
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Wow, I wish I had been there too, it sounds like you all had a great time and thanks for the brill photos. I knew a Mathis existed, and I think it is lovely. The Panhard really is quite like the R4, i also like the later Dyna Panhards.
No, I no longer have the Velorex. It was fun, but not really useable day-to-day so I p/ex'd it for a Trojan from Alan Hitchcock. I settled on Trojan because I love the look and history of Heinkel and Trojan, it can take 3-4 people, has reverse and hydraulic brakes ( useful in Central London! ) and it just fits a corner in my yard... the Vx was 20" longer and had far less room. The Trojan 553 DUF was in very poor condition, with the bottom 8" totally missing. Some good structural work had been done by a man in Cornwall, but it still needed a total re-build, including a lot of help from Mike Shepherd. It has served me well for about 4 years, but for various reasons I am sadly considering selling it.
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