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Here we are again folks with a further item no true micro buff should be without.....  :o

BUBBLE NOTES 1975-1985

 Marilyn J.Felling co-founded of the Heinkel Messerschmitt Isetta Club of America in 1970, and was editor of its magazine; "Bubble Notes" for the HMI Club's entire existance to 1985. These magazines are rare in America and just about unknown in the UK.

 Until now!    

 That's right folks, "BUBBLE NOTES" is now available for UK purchase right here! Marilyn has produced a CD of every single issue of the Heinkel Messerschmitt Isetta Club (HMI Club) newsletter, "BUBBLE NOTES" published from 1970 - 1985. There's something interesting and informative for all you minicar and microcar fans! It is approximately 1177 pages plus a table of contents. This CD is in the PDF file format. You must have Adobe Reader (download here if you don't have it) to view the pages. It will play on your CD or DVD computer drive. They are read only. You can enlarge them on the screen to read, or print them out.    

   There are many hours of fun reading ahead as you see the ownership of vehicles and membership totals go up yearly. There are many technical and restoration articles, reprints of old magazine articles, original cartoons and artwork, many photos, editorials, want-ads (look at the cheap prices!), and many other timeless articles to enjoy again and again.    

   The very early issues of 1970 - 1973 were poor quality photocopies to begin with, but have been enhanced to make them mostly readable. There were no issues published during 1974. From 1975 to 1985 the issues are of good quality for reading. This is every single issue starting with the December 1970 inaugural issue to the final goodbye issue of 4th Quarter, 1985. At first Bubble Notes was published monthly through 1973 until it was changed to quarterly in 1975.

 The contents of this CD are Copyright 2008 by Marilyn J. Felling, Publisher of "Bubble Notes" and co-founder of the "Heinkel Messerschmitt Isetta Club".

Purchase & payment Information
You can easily and securely buy this CD and pay by PayPal direct from Marilyn's own web page by following the link below;

 Or you can contact Marilyn direct at to obtain her address in order to mail a money order or personal check.
Money order payment also ships immediately while personal checks must clear the bank.

 The cost for the DVD is $15.00.
 Postage within the U.S by 1st Class Mail in a "bubble envelope" is $2.50.

 Purchasers outside the U.S. pay $4.00 for 1st Class International mailing.

 I've just ordered myself a copy  ;D, so what's keeping you? ? ? ?.........
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