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Best bus ride ever
« on: August 23, 2009, 12:12:32 PM »
Not about micro-cars, but we all enjoy other vehicles!

A few weeks ago my Dad and I took the Lymington ferry to Yarmouth, Isle of Wight where we climbed up to the open top deck of the bus to Highdown where we were going to visit the old rocket testing facility and the gun batteries - it's a GREAT place to visit!

The bus bounces and sways along the scenic lanes, its windscreen endlessly whacking over-hanging branches and showering everyone on the top deck with leaves and twigs to great merriment and laughter from all. After a stop at Alum Bay it goes up a steep lane so narrow that the bus cannot even pass pedestrians  trying to press themselves into the hedgerows, they have to walk away. It then goes round a tight corner, brushing aside the hedges on bothe sides, then it goes up the narrow, steep and bumpy cliff road with its tight hairpin bends. There are no escape lanes and no barriers except at the hairpins. A modest grass slope at about 45 degrees leads down to a sheer drop at the cliffs. Someone decided that this was a great place to run double-decker buses, and it is almost as exciting and nerve-wracking as a roller coaster; that's my Dad's hand firmly gripping the seat-back as we descended around one of the hairpins on our return.

Photos only give a vague idea of what it is like, and do not show the thoughts of brake/steering failure which fill your mind when you go on this bus, at least 30 years old.

Just remember: as one door closes behind you, another slams in your face