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Re: Lets play mystery car.
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The first one is a microcar constructed by Bassons Industries in 1954 for the TRI-CAR group of Mr. James v. Martin (born in chicago 1883). The man began in 1922 to produce small cars. The first one was an unusual three wheeler an called Scootmobile. In 1928 the Darts followed with which he had some more success. In 1932 a strange looking aerodynamic car appeared which was build mainly of wood and aluminum. After some time and some unimportant new developments Mr. Martin produced the Martinette in 1948. This was an interesting car with some features like airless tires. In 1950 he produced the Stationette a three-wheeler as well. In 1954 the Bassons Industries of Bronx New York contacted Martin. They had made this delivery three-wheeler (body of fiberglass).
Three cars of Mr. Martin survived in the Lane Motor Museum.

The third car is the Pajtas made in the 1960s and already was in the forum some times.
Always looking for everything in connection with Egon Bruetsch!!!! Photos, brochures, letters, articles, drawings ....... Also to the licenses of Bruetsch like Belcar, Avolette, Rollera, France Jet etc.