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Buster moves closer
« on: April 24, 2010, 10:16:35 AM »
Trip up to Wales has yielded a new heart for Buster Bubblevessel, the 6 wheeled bus which has been converted into a car transporter. With his previous low powered 2,500cc diesel engine he used to see hills coming from afar and routes avoiding altitude were recommended. Now with the highest powered 2,500cc turbo lump it is worth investing time into altering Buster into a car transporter and fold down campervan. If poss it is theorised he might be fitted with a ramp for moving an additional low car like a Dart at a raised level, bit like the Ecurie Eccose transporter. Also this would form a raised working area for failed cars on tour rather than working in the rain - they always break in the rain and if cleaned off a table and bed if the BUMS were to be on tour. It is about the most options in the available space. I have had a Trojan and a Mini Traveler in it. In micro terms with a trailer it could move 5 medium sized Microcars in one hit. It would be rather nice if the classic car free road fund licence was to move forward 13 years to fall into line with general practice as well! So Buster might yet become the ultimate in Microcar transportation devices with all the styling of a brick and the ability to send rude messages from its rolling bus sign. Stuart will have to tell you the rest of the story of our trip to Wales
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