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Stuart Cyphus:
 Maybe Jim could make this a sticky at the top of the list....

 Who's Who on this Forum

Blob                 Mike Plant

G-O-G-G-O        Mike Shepherd

Big Al              Alan Hitchcock  (who else!)  ;)

Scootacar         Grant Kearney

P50                 Perry Olds

Insight             Chris Thomas

Peelpower        Ferdi Tillmanns

Lightwight Dickie   Richard Warren

Kitty76             Daniel Rodd

jawmedead       Bob Dobie

Barchetta         Dave Arnot

Cuscus47          Ian Hellings

Burford57         Nick Devonport

Milstone           Alastair Lauchland

bruetsch-freak  Tobias Baldus  

mharrell            Mike Harrell

Rusty Chrome   Malcolm Parker

 More to be added as I find out who they are or as they volenteer it   ;)

thanks - a bit clearer now

Bob Purton:
Excellant Stuart!! This is one moderator who says "keep on going!"

Milestone = Alistar etc etc....

Jim Janecek:
14 down, 200+ to go....

Stuart Cyphus:
True Jim. I think about 75% of the members list is probibly "dead" id's.


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