Author Topic: My Historic car Car collection to give away before xmas 2010 to best offers  (Read 2650 times)


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Hello my name is Robin Heath and I have a need for help as I don't have long to live.
My life long collection of rear and histiric cars and vehicles collection has to go before this december to the best offer I recieve from the worlk of microcar enthusiasts and museums.

I have owned The prototype Lightburn Zeta sports and my 1929 Triumph Seper Seven Noddy cars as well as hundreds of memoribilia and photos of historic cars and racing events here in Adelaide and also Cairns Far north Queensland since retiring from the Defence depertment in 1988.

I have driven Taxi cabs in Cairns for a decade now and I have a bit of cancer which makes me decide to offer my life long collection of cars and machinery from down under to someone who will finnish and drive them when I am gone so I can be in peace about the future preservation of these

Any offers of help will be apreciated as I have spent considerable money for the storage and restoration work carried out thus far.

But sadly they have to go before xmas and the best offer I recieve will be decided by this forum and I feeel that will bring the fairest result

Please let me know if you can form a team and sponsorship for the cars as I wish to see them used to raise money for charity at car events as part of the agreed plan

Thanks for your interest and look foward to meeting you soon Robin ;D


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Got any pictures? Always nice to see work in progress posted here.  :)