Author Topic: I give up and want someone to take over my rotten old cars!!!  (Read 2368 times)


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I give up and want someone to take over my rotten old cars!!!
« on: August 18, 2010, 01:55:49 am »
 ???hello Fred
Jim Stratton's phone number is 0439673941.

Sorry to forget the number,
 jim has been busy rebuilding the car and he now has all the electrical fitted and is about to install the roof.

Is the engine number the one stamped into the case or do you want the body plate number as well as the numbers on the plate on the final drive case near the rear wheel?

I will visit jim again soon but I hope you can phone him.

I wish I could give you an idea of how much stuff is surrounding the car as Jim is a dedicated collector and he is running out of room in his yard !!

As far as I go, My depression has returned with my cars and I am better off to donate my cars and things to someone who is capable of finnishing and use them.

My work in the Taxis here makes only just enough to pay the rent and I have to say that while I have the paint and tools here I have not made any progress this year and the worry is that I will have to leave in January when my lease expires.

The same with the Zeta. The Ustore it people want the bus to go by September and I have to remove the cars or they all go to the dump!

I have no money saved and I live from day to day with the help of the dole. So I am not able to pay for the car to be finnished and I don't feel that I can cope with the project anymore.

Jim had major open heart surgery last year and I have taken to heart that I must do something before I end up the same way!!

Mentally I have reached the end of my optimisum and so I don't have a plan other than pass my collection of cars and tools to someone who would like to try to finnish what I started all those years ago.

The Zeta can go to Richard Fewster if he wishes to remove the car from the bus.
 but he is in the middle of a major building project and I cannot afford to do any more than stay here to pay the rent.

It really is a sad mess I have created. where I realise I cannot continue but I don't know hopw to get out of my situation.

Thanks for your suggestions and have you contacted Richard?

Even if the Zeta and Suzuki can be removed from the Bus ASAP I would be able to dispose of the rest however I am worried sick about the situation and feel that if the car could go somewhere at least I would only have to worry about the Triumph here.

Otherwise anyone who can come and remove my vehicles or take over the responsibility would be most welcome to do so.

I could always advertise them on Ebay and that will be the case in a few weeks time if we cannot find a solution in four weeks time.

Say second week in September. so the bus and my stuff here in Cairns can be collected before the end of september/October.

I am happy to come somewhere and help work to finnish the cars as long as someone takes over the storage, and I would rather have them stay in Australia but if we cannot achieve this then obviously one of the rich overseas collectors would be happy to come and look after them for us.

Finally Richard was in the bus in Gepps Cross Ustoreit earlier this year and he is working towards taking over the cars but I would like you to confirm the situation and I will be satisfied if the cars are removed to a safe place.

That is why I keep trying to find a solution through any means we can.

Thanks and let me know your thoughts Robin Heath

Ps is the Suzuki micro van of interest to anyone? it has the 500cc two stroke engine and was driven into that bus so it is all there and I assume very rare?