Author Topic: Zeta offers of help thanks for listening  (Read 1863 times)


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Zeta offers of help thanks for listening
« on: August 21, 2010, 09:28:40 PM »
Richard Fewster from Renmark motor Museum has very kindly offered to take on My old car as well as some other very kind and generous comments Thanks

He has offered to take the car to his lovely car museum in the Ruston Rose farm at the end of september where he says he can accomodate and work on the car. sometime in the future.

There are some interesting Microcars at Remnark in South Australia and he has a website worth looking at.

Fred Diwell has also offered to store the car as well as Blob and Steven who understandably would like to know more about what is there.

If this sounds fair to everyone then you should see some more photos at that time.