Author Topic: Nice picture for RCN500 ( that means 100 years ;) )  (Read 4174 times)

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Nice picture for RCN500 ( that means 100 years ;) )
« on: November 17, 2010, 03:17:17 pm »

  I just found this nice TG500 with a nice numberplate :)
Let's wait for RCN500 :)
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Re: Nice picture for RCN500 ( that means 100 years ;) )
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2010, 06:49:37 pm »
Nice photo, nice number plate.

I have a feeling that I have seen that actual car on the road. I was leaving a rehearsal studio with my band in my trusty, rusty old Ford Rustcort, approaching the huge and heavily-congested Hammersmith Broadway roundabout in London in about 1983. Suddenly I noticed a yellow flash whizz past between the line of traffic I was stuck in and the pavement. The gap was very narrow, so only a micro could get through. Instantly I realised it was a TG 500, the first I had ever seen moving, and that number plate does look familiar. It zoomed past, then sliced and slalomed its way through several lanes of almost stationary traffic on the roundabout in a stunning display of the advantage of small vehicles in traffic. In next to no time it had disappeared around the corner. The driver did not trouble anyone else or cut anyone up, just threaded his or her way through the jam with absolute mastery and without slowing.
My 3 band mates were stunned, asking things like "What the hell is that?" and being amazed at how easily it cut through the traffic. I proudly told them what it was and they all absolutely loved it.
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