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Re: zeta pics
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Well ours was squandered in Italy by a member of the family gamboling the investments to be spent on marble to import to Liverpool. He used to own Winford Hall down below Bristol, which he lost, but the company in Liverpool never recovered and lost its cartel. The fascinating thing is there is a Stevenson-Jones Marble Importers in America. It has to be a relation but cannot link it in. The builders built a dam that broke, so did they as a result! All in all some really bad investment management of all the bunts earned merchant venturing which I quite understand now as my siblings are continuing the pattern by botching my Mother's Estate while I am forced to watch these last 5 years as they loose my inheritance! Will anyone listen to the only one who ran several successful business, no. The pattern is a generation makes the money, the next live on it and the third squander it. It seems to be true. Therefore I have decided to leave what I do not spend of my earned Estate outside the direct family as they do not deserve to spend it. Likewise I will not be issuing any more hand outs to sob stories. Fortunately I never counted on any of my families money, my folks died rather young, so what ever I get is a bonus.
I wonder if your family has a similar tale to tell. Many do I fear as they miss understand how to use and what money is for. It is all to easy to get rid of it permanently. Ask Mr Brown.
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