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Rallies already!
« on: October 18, 2011, 08:53:43 AM »
Great news, with some fore sight (not the knighted one), the Bath Rally has done its normal skip to move back a weekend to stay in July and has taken the weekend of 6th to the 8th to provide its traditional make up of activities at Keynsham Rugby Football Club. The weekend is £15, day rally ticket £5.00 as is an autojumble stand.

This has meant a quick conflab with the MOC who had moved their weekend forward previously and because the weekends drift forward over the years could have clashed with Bath. Fortunately they had the same idea and so the MOC Rally looks to be 13th to 15th July and to be held in the environs of Stourport (The one on the Seven, get confused with Stourbridge). A new area for the MOC and not least as the traditional safe haven of the Cotswold has minimal low cost venues available these days. Stourport is an interesting area and central being only just double digit mileage from the Birmingham metropolis yet not far from some splendid countryside and a fair amount of history. Could be a big turnout.

Of course the NMCR will shortly be making an announcement as well. A few rumours will be put to the test and one or none proved correct as usual.

All this setting of dates early makes it so much easier to avoid clashes and for enthusiasts to plan their next years fun early enough to book holidays etc. to make best chance to participate. I do not understand clubs that hold secret rallies, especially when they then get upset as no one attends. You need to tell peeps the event is on. Never know we might get some of our events into the Media almanacs for the first time in years!
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