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Bubblecar Museum
« on: December 24, 2011, 09:06:34 am »
Popped in to the reforming Bubblecar Museum at Langrick the other day after collecting 14 Mini sized Falken tyres fitted for £25 a throw from deepest Lincolnshire rather than the £45 odd everyone else seem to be talking about, bargain. I can report that the new Museum venue is nigh on ready to go fully open. The camp site is larger, has a separate entrance and can host up to a medium sized Microcar Rally without a problem. I was surprised that having put in the infrastructure and having the space there are no plans to increase the number of year round plots beyond the Caravan Club pitches, not sure if they have 5 or 10 of those. They are happy to have the area to use for special events spread through the year.

The design of the museum buildings this time allows for a café/function area of some size with direct access to the toilets. A better and more useful layout allowed by the larger buildings. This was christened by micronauts at the firework weekend and Jon Hunts last event. Coopers are clearly still a bit upset about his dying, A serious amount of building work has been done and the museum will be on two floors. Some exhibits were herded into the end of the building as the finishing touches have to be made. All in all a considerable investment of time and money. Beyond that is effectively private but there is an additional workshop building, an assembly of old farm buildings to convert into a let and such plus the main house. Again a better layout as though there is access past the house the area can be private when the other gate is open.

I was surprised by the amount of traffic on the road passed the property but it is not a noisy place. Besides a small business needs passing trade and to be easy to find. Fenland is not to everyone's taste but the Coopers report a friendly welcome and seem to be thriving on it. Interestingly that despite the distance being a little further I got home in 3 hours without breaking 60 mph - drive shaft is failing on the Pug -, a time I struggled to do from Byard's Leap.

The coming year offers quite a few bookings for events already. The Vintage Scooters, Heinkel Trojan Club, I expect several Museum initiated Microcar inclusive events too but owners of bigger machines are to be using the facilities as well. So with the resumption of the Museum, the Micro Maniacs, the RUMcar day and the National the weight of activity is resolutely to the East side of the country. I can only think of the MOC Rally at Stourbridge/Stourport, I get those two confused every time, Bath and the MEC offering Toddington that seems to host anything to the West or Centre. Telling about where the active folk are perhaps.

Meanwhile my trailer and Invacars now all have referbed wheels and new tyres for £35 a wheel including fuel, blasting, paint etc. 4 projects that can move ahead over the winter as this was holding things up.
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